How to Get Work Visa Abroad

How to Get Work Visa Abroad
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The idea that someone can simply be eligible for a work permit in a country, receive a visa, and then look for a job is a myth. A work permit is always for a specific job that a company offers an individual. Some countries require only a written job offer from a company, while others require a notarized work contract signed by both you and your prospective employer. Although most work permits are issued by the respective ministry of foreign affairs, many countries require the approval of the labor ministry and/or the local employment office to make sure that there are no local people who might be better suited for the job.

One element that regular work permits have in common globally is the fact that they are issued for a specific job with one specific employer. In most cases, if you lose that job or would like to change jobs, you will have to start the work permit application process all over again.

A copy of the valid Indian Passport along with the relevant visa pages, a copy of employment contract, and the contact details of Recruiting Agent and the Employer/Sponsor abroad. It will also be useful to provide details of a close friend/relative in India, to help contact in the event of an emergency. A brief description of your grievance would also be required. It is necessary to sign a proper contract for your work, to be able to adequately protect your rights. Only a contract will help you defend your interests in the event of a dispute leading to a case at a local labour court.

Different countries have different eligibility requirements and procedures for a Work Permit. Some countries require you to have a job offer in the country before you can apply for a Work Visa. You are also required to be sponsored by the Company which has given you the job offer.

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