What are the chances of getting Canada PR

What are the chances of getting Canada PR
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There are some parameter on which the Canada Express Entry point based on:

  • The age factor can help the candidate get maximum of 12 points.The candidate needs to be more than 18 years and less than 47 years to earn the points for the age factor of Canada Express Entry programme.
  • The candidate must get up to 25 points in this parameter. PhD holders can get the maximum points in the Canada Express Entry system.
  • The candidate must get up to 15 points for work experience in the Canada Express Entry point system. The candidate needs to have at least one year work experience in the selected occupation.
  • English and French are the two official languages of Canada. It is important that the candidate has proficiency in at least one language. the highest proficiency is maximum 28 marks.

n the Canada Express Entry point system the candidate has to try and score more points. If a candidate has the minimum points, then it does not assure that he will be selected. It only assures that he is eligible for selection. The candidate needs to score more points in order to improve his ranking. The better the ranking, better is the chance to get selected. 

All eligible visa applicants are scored according to factors such as their age, work experience and educational qualifications according to the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). They are then entered into a draw pool and ranked against other applicants. Express Entry draws usually occur every 2 weeks, from which the highest-scoring applicants are chosen by the Canadian government to apply for permanent residency.

The Provincial Nominee Programs aimed at enticing experienced workers to move to the province in order to fill the current gap in the Canadian labour market. Certain provinces and territories have specific occupations that have high shortages, which means that should your job title be listed on a particular province’s In-demand Occupation list, you will be placed above other applicants to receive a provincial nomination. Receiving a nomination almost guaranteed permanent residency candidate are awarded 600 extra points to add to their CRS score.

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